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April 20, 2015 -- A savage mob of about one dozen feral youths attacked a man in North Carolina last week.

Joshua Murdock was riding his son's motor scooter home from an ice cream shop in Statesville when a teen looking like he could be Obama's son asked for a ride.

The man politely declined and attempted to go about his business.

That's when he was attacked by feral savages.

News reports say the beating -- that included chains and bats -- resulted in a broken rib, a punctured lung, and an extended stay at a local hospital.

The man would have sustained greater injuries had it not been for a passerby who intervened.

The teens made off with $35 snatched from their victim's pocket. They scooter, which belonged to the man's son, was not stolen.

• Black-on-white mob attacks are nothing new.

Abraham Lincoln's biography records an incident in which Lincoln, then 19, and a friend were attacked by seven males who looked like they could be Obama's great-great-grandfathers had they been in Kenya.

• Most black kids aren't raised by traditional families. Many are turned loose to roam the hood where they are raised by a 'family' or 'pack' of other feral youths. They prey on decent citizens with impunity.

North Carolina once enforced Jim Crow laws to protect white people from such violent attacks. Cultural Marxism provides a false narrative in which such laws were instituted only because whites believed blacks were inferior.

That, of course, defies logic.

The crime was reported April 14, 2015. .

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  1. wrong! most run wild even raised right, i never deal with them, just keep movin and carry something.

  2. Bunch of uncivlized monsters need to be retuened to where they origionated from