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April 26, 2015 -- A man was beaten and slashed with a knife after asking four bus passengers to tone down their profanity. The victim said he was concerned for small children and others where were subjected to the gang's obscenities.

The offense occurred on the upper deck of a London bus.

Once disembarked, the gang attacked the man.

The attackers were arrested, tried, and found guilty. They were sentenced earlier this month for the crime that was committed in August, 2014.

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A gang has been jailed for a vicious knife attack on a man who challenged them over their racist language and offensive behaviour in front of children on a London bus.

The group, all aged between 19 and 23, followed their victim off the rail replacement service in Uxbridge, west London, before launching a violent attack that saw him punched and slashed in the neck with a knife.

On the morning of August 10 2014, the victim, who is in his mid-20s, challenged the group's behaviour on the top deck of a bus from Eastcote to Uxbridge town centre. They had been using racially offensive language and were swearing loudly in front of passengers including young children, police said.

The victim politely asked them to consider their language as there were young people and families present. Shortly after getting off the bus the victim was confronted by the group in an alleyway off York Road. He was punched in the head and one of the men lunged at the victim with a knife, slashing him on the neck.

Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended following a 999 call from a witness and the victim was taken to a west London hospital for treatment.

He has since made a good recovery.

Detective Sergeant Paul Matthews from Hillingdon CID, said: "Justice has finally been handed to a brave victim who has shown nothing but humility throughout this investigation.

“His defence of his fellow bus passengers and standing up to anti-social behaviour led to an attack which may have resulted in an even more dire outcome.”

Ethan Fredrick, 19, was today sentenced to ten years imprisonment for affray, attempted GBH and possessing an offensive weapon at Isleworth Crown Court.

Kieron Benoit and Iane Lester, both 23, were sentenced to 27 months and two years respectively for affray.

Alex Hall, 20, was sentenced to two years imprisonment for affray and theft after stealing the victim’s jacket.

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