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April 22, 2015 -- Students snatched up clumps of hair from the cafeteria floor as mementos of an all-girl brawl at a Memphis high school.

Eight students were suspended after the slug fest at White Station High School.

One parent wrote on Facebook: "People need to know what's going on, if it had not made social media they would have covered it up!"
Indeed, they would have covered it up.

• Those of us who attended black high schools are fully aware that such brawls are common events. Only in white guilt movies do we see an alternate reality.

It is our contention that teachers-in-training should be required to serve time at black high schools as a prerequisite to obtaining licenses. The experiences would purge their brains of the white-privilege virus implanted by tax-funded universities.

• School segregation was never intended to discriminate against blacks, but to protect white students from black violence. As you watch the video and see the girl's head repeatedly pounded on the table, imagine that girl being your daughter or granddaughter; then rent a copy of The Butler from Redbox and compare Oprah's alternate reality to what really occurs in real-life scenarios.

The fight was recorded Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

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