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April 20, 2015 -- Varina High School was placed on lock down after massive brawls erupted at the school.

The media characterized the brawls as "fights."

Varina is located in Henrico County, Virginia.

The brawl was reported April 20, 2015.

• When I attended a black high school in the late 1960s and early 1970s such brawls were common, often erupting in the school cafeteria or on the campus. White students who were in the near vicinity were almost always severely beaten. The local media would occasionally report the most severe "disturbances" as having "racial overtones."

There were, of course, no video devices at that time nor Internet to make them public.

• School segregation, they say, was instituted because white people felt superior to blacks and wanted to deny them access to quality education.

As this video reveals, the logic behind school segregation was quite different. The intent was to protect white students from black violence.

Even today white-privileged liberals prefer to segregate their children by enrolling them in private schools or relocating to white 'Jim Crow' neighborhoods away from black violence.

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