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April 24, 2015 -- "You a ho!" may have been the cue that tells us this will not end well.

A video-gone-viral lends yet another insight into the reason why privileged white liberals avoid black neighborhoods.

It also lends insight into why home sellers once added covenants to their contracts requiring the property only be owned by white people. That's not to endorse redlining, but to explain it.

The teen holds his selfie-stick aloft while grinning and adding commentary as his girlfriend steps up to front door of the boy's home and exchanges heated words with his mom. In short order, Mom bursts through the door and the fight begins.

One has to wonder: Where's the boy's dad?

We also wonder: Where is Oprah?

Then we wonder, will the teen girl in the video grow up to be like the boy's mom? Will she be a mother and wife? Or a custodian of a village-raised thug?

This isn't the scene we see in white guilt movies nor is it typical television fare. It is, however, a glimpse into the reason -- again -- why privileged white liberals avoid black neighborhoods.

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  1. i would love to smack that smiling monkey! his own mother, only one of obummers son capable of that.

  2. Look at the glee on the subhuman savage's face as his 'girlfriend" viciously attacks his mother. They are NOT LIKE US.

  3. These people really are a different species. Almost any White person I know would be traumatized by a mother/girlfriend fight but this grinning ape thinks it's great fun.