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April 24, 2015 -- Two teens were attacked by feral savages at a Philadelphia subway station. The attack was captured on security video.

The attackers seem to have timed their assault moments before the arrival of the train, allowing them to escape before authorities arrive.

Other passengers mill around, some with casual observation, as if the beat down is typical behavior.

America's urban mass transit systems are used almost exclusively by non-white people. Even white-privileged liberals avoid the violence. Such violence explains why Jim Crow laws segregated mass transportation including train stations.

Security personnel strolled to the site after the attackers and their victims boarded the train.

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The brawl, involving students from Benjamin Franklin High School, even spilled onto the tracks, with one person falling onto the line during the confrontation.

As a train pulls up, both the victims and some of the suspects appear to get on the same carriage.

Witnesses tried to intervene, but couldn't break up the group as the assailants kept on hitting the helpless youngsters.

About a dozen students appear to be egging the fight on which officials have said may have started because of a dispute over a girl.

The victims were allegedly followed into the station from the street. As they got onto the platform, someone pointed them out with a signal.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III told 'It’s an outrageous event. This is so dangerous, it’s not even funny. We have operating trains down there. There are passengers waiting for the train... it’s horrendous.

'We've identified some potential aggressors. There is a criminal investigation with the school district," Nestel said. "The message that we're trying to get out is if you act up on SEPTA, we're going to have a picture of your face and we're sharing it with the school district.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard also told the news website those involved could be expelled or face serious disciplinary action.

'What we have seen is a brutal violent attack that could that could have ended with a loss of life.'

 SEPTA detectives are said to have spoken to the two boys who were victims in the attack.

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  1. notice monkeys always stomp when a person is down no empathy gene, if that innocent victim would have plugged the negro, it would be national news.

  2. Too bad someone did'nt have a gun Rabid animals need to be put down and euthinised

  3. This week a "15 year old boy" beat, robbed and raped a woman on the CTA blue line train. The vicious attack occurred in mid-afternoon.. The woman boarded at the Oak Park Illinois train stop. She was alone in the train car when she was hit from behind, dragged and "sexually assaulted".The woman had$2,000 on her.She was going to wire the money to her family in Thailand. The"boy" later spent the money on Jordan jumpsuits, candy and friends. The CTA had his picture on camera and posted his face on TV. His mother turned him in, but got into an argument with prosecutors. This crime needs to be exposed.