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April 29, 2015 -- Has America's black community totally given up on the traditional family?

Not necessarily.

In this video we see a wife pounding a patron at a shopping mall while her husband eggs her own even as he totes their toddler in his arm. The rest of the kids watch the spectacle.

Compare this reality to the imaginary Huxtable family. The ask yourself, which reality -- the parking lot family or the Hollywood family -- is embedded in your mind?

Granted, not all traditional black families -- few that there are -- are into brawling as favorite pastime. Still the media lies to us by ignoring coarse realities. In so doing, theY frame a fabricated belief system that our minds embrace and confuse with the truth.

Watch the video again with the question in your mind: Do I believe what I see? Or do I see what I believe?

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There is disturbing new video of a parking lot brawl in Valley Stream, Long Island.

With her husband and children watching, a mother viciously beat another woman over a parking spot.

Her husband can be heard egging her on.

Somehow how some way this brawl between two women started because of an argument over a parking space.

One woman was trying to park in an empty spot, but a man was standing in it, holding it for someone else.

She parked in another spot, then got into an argument about what happened. That's when the punches and hair pulling started.

"All this for a parking space. Oh my God," said Chad Radway, a shopper. "That's crazy. Where's the mall cop? Why did nobody say stop?"

Nassau County police confirm there was a fight over a parking spot at the Green Acres mall Sunday afternoon.

This video later surfaced, and now investigators are trying to confirm if it's the same thing.

Shoppers can't believe people just watched and recorded the violent exchange.

"Kids watching and nobody even trying to stop it. There's too much violence right now," said Larry Ellis, a shopper.

A senior manager at the mall said, "We strive to provide an enjoyable and safe shopping environment for our guests and employees at all times at Green Acres."

One shopper put things into perspective about this Long Island community and its residents.

"This is not representative of our entire culture. It is unfortunate that this is happening. No one has stepped in to stop it," said Sophia Buxton, a shopper.

Police say the woman who was thrown to the ground suffered minor injuries to her face but refused medical attention.

There's no word yet on if anyone will be charged in Valley Stream.

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