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April 26, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Ignoring the 420,749 black-on-black homicides that occurred in the US between 1976 and 2014, peaceful black protesters took to the streets of Baltimore yesterday.

The mobs attacked white people (see video) and trashed police vehicles.

The demonstrators are irked over the death of a black  male while in police custody.

The mainstream Marxist media exploits simple-minded black people and privilege white people by emphasizing black deaths that fit the predatory left's narrative that black Americans are oppressed while white Americans are their oppressors.

The media commits a "sin of omission" by refusing to report black-on-black homicides, black-on-white homicides, or the fact that all Americans are privileged to live at the apex of civilization.

The national mainstream media ignored yesterday's black-on-white violence in Baltimore.

Click here for more brawls ►Why? you ask?
We deprogram minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus by exposing those minds to reality.
The cultural-Marxist, white-guilt-movie narrative is that black Americans are victims of
white privilege and past violence. However, the advent of the Internet coupled with the proliferation
of video devices allow us to bypass the media monopoly and permits readers to engage reality.
The mind is then forced to compare the scene in Oprah's 'The Butler' in which a white girl spits on a black girl
with a real-life scene in which a black girl spits on a white girl.
The mind must make a decision: To believe the make-believe narrative of the media
or accept reality.

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Protesters angry over the death of Freddie Gray got into physical altercations with police Saturday night in downtown Baltimore near the city's famed baseball stadium.

Some of the hundreds who confronted lines of police officers got into shoving matches with helmeted cops while other demonstrators threw objects. At least five police cars were damaged by people who smashed windows and jumped on them.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she was profoundly disappointed by the violence, adding that 95% of the protesters were respectful but a "small group of agitators intervened."

Twelve people were arrested, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said.

"We continue to have a few isolated pockets of individuals causing disturbances. We are deploying resources to keep everyone safe," the Baltimore Police Department tweeted.

Fredericka Gray, the twin sister of Freddie Gray, made a statement: "My family wants to say, 'Can y'all please, please stop the violence? Freddie Gray would not want this.' Freddie's father and mother do not want any violence. Violence does not get justice."

Vandals broke and damaged storefront windows and trashed one 7-Eleven, police said. CNN crews observed a window damaged at a Michael Kors store and holes in one at a Subway restaurant.

The skirmishes followed a planned demonstration over how police handled the arrest of Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore man who suffered a spinal injury at some point after he was detained by police on April 12. He died a week later.

The numbers of protesters dissipated substantially just before sunset, though some people were still walking in the streets near Oriole Park at Camden Yards, causing some traffic problems.

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Image and video credit: Bmore Around Town ####


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  1. if aliens landed, observe these black specimens! are violent and stupid, notice the white specimens don't seem to notice, and not quite as stupid maybe? they seem to not realize their under attack ! less take their resources bwahahahahahaha.

  2. To say that they are 'brainwashed' implies that they have functioning brains....with an average 70 IQ, I'm not sure that we can say that. Of course the same can be said for Aaron above.


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