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April 29, 2015 -- Claude Turner, 38, admits he did it.

In July 2012 he stabbed Bouffard and her 26-year-old Michael Perkins to death. Bouffard was 58.

He also admits stealing from the household.

Turner was living in the home of Donna Bouffard in exchange for doing chores.

The crime occurred in Watertown, Connecticut. The story was reported April 27, 2015.

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Evidence showed that Bouffard and her son had taken Turner and his wife into their 347 Falls Ave. home in exchange for them doing chores around the house.

At some point, that relationship soured and Turner is believed to have repeatedly stabbed Perkins in the stomach with a folding knife after stabbing Bouffard moments before.

In a recorded audio confession to Watertown detectives Lisa Scannell and Mark Conway, Turner's soft-spoken voice is heard saying he was having “bad, racing” thoughts on the day of the killing.

He claimed responsibility for the slayings, but told the investigators he couldn't recall certain details.

Turner ticked off a list of medications prescribed to him over the years, saying he smoked synthetic marijuana to go to sleep and had tried cocaine.

At one point, he told detectives he wasn't sure if he was speaking or wether he was having a conversation with the “other person that's inside of me.”

Turner was vague as to the moment or word that set him off, but once he started stabbing the mother and son, he didn't stop, the recording revealed.

“Did you plan to do this to Mike and Donna? Were they pissing you off?” Conway asks.

“I wasn't planning to kill them. I didn't sit up in my room and say, 'Yeah, I'm going to kill them today.' Because I don't kill people.... I mean I did,” he said.

Turner has shown bizarre behavior during past court appearances. He had let his hair become unkempt and his beard went untrimmed on his jaw. In March, he told people in attendance that Jesus Christ had said “you're going to die for what you're doing to me. Every single one of you.”

In the past, an examiner had found that Turner was “malingering,” or feigning a psychological condition.

Another psychological examination was done on Turner before he was allowed to accept the plea deal on Monday. That report concluded that Turner was competent to stand trial. On Monday, Turner, his head clean shaven and his beard trimmed to a neat goatee, calmly answered questions posed to him by Judge Roland Fasano.

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