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April 21, 2015 -- Due to violent content, the video below will soon be deleted.

The person who submitted the video said the victim was accused of voting against the African National Congress in South Africa.

There is no way to verify the reason this woman was beaten to death.

However, the video itself speaks volumes of the turmoil that embraces sub-Saharan Africa. Inter-tribal warfare has been the norms for millenia.

The mainstream Marxist media ignores the ongoing violence, preferring to focus our attention on revisionist history of America's past.

We have been convinced that white Americans have a history of abusing "people of color."

The media lies by omission. That is, it distorts our perception of reality through ignoring the brutal truth.

How many times have
you seen this?
We are not told that blacks brutalize each other.

We are not told that 420,749 black-on-black homicides occurred from 1976 to 2014.

We are not told the first legal American slave owner was a black African named Anthony Johnson.

We are not told there were thousands of free black households that owned slave labor.

We are not told that thousands of white South African have been brutally murdered by black thugs.

The list seems endless.

The objective of is to pierce through the lies of globalism to allow the light of truth to shine through.

The video below -- though disturbing -- bypasses the media's mind manipulation to offer the truth.

• Do you believe such violence could never happen in America? You've been deceived. It occurs virtually every day. Some of those occurrences have been captured by video.

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• Why do we post these videos?

The videos are posted as a mean of deprogramming minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus. We understand that the most effective means of deprogramming is to expose the mind to reality. The mind, then, is forced to choose: It will attempt to excuse the embedded false reality while having to reconcile true reality.

Proverbs 18:17 explains, "The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him."

• Some wonder why black Americans complain about white privilege, nonaggressions, disparate impact, racism, etc., but never flee to black-domination nations where they are free from white oppression. After all, wouldn't you want a safe place?

The answer is obvious: Black Americans realize -- though few will admit it -- that white people treat them with altruistic kindess; much better than they treat each other.

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  1. Wasnt the much celebrated Nelson Mandela a member of the African National Congress? Yeah the world celebrated and mourned a terrorists well Mandela is in the same place Hitler,Stalin,Mao and Khomeni is right now

  2. ik whatever is on the news just reverse it, i didn't whatch the video, i get the picture, i think its bad karma to enjoy somebodys demise.