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April 25, 2015 -- The student government at John Hopkins University voted to ban Chick-fil-A from campus. The resolution is non-binding.

The group said allowing Chick-fil-A on campus would constitute a micro-aggression against homosexuals.

The group expressed no concern for Christian businesses -- such as bakeries and bed-and-breakfast hotels -- that have been aggressively targeted by the militant gay hate movement. Such businesses are targeted because they are small and typically unable to afford the high cost of legal expenses. Macro-aggressions committed by the militant gay hate movement are intended to intimidate other businesses into compliance with the homosexual agenda.

• The concept of micro-aggressions was concocted by cultural Marxism to provide an excuse to hate and discriminate in lieu of a valid argument or genuine offense. It also serves as an excuse to initiate hateful intolerance for those who contradict the objectives of cultural Marxism.

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  1. i'd rather be at the chicken joint than that marxist training center.