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April 24, 2015 -- Starbucks, the socially-sensitive, overpriced coffee retailer, plans to open a store in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson was virtually unknown to most Americans until a black teen bum-rushed a white police officer forcing the latter to defend himself. The teen, Michael Brown, died as a result.

The media exploited the death, convincing many Americans there is an epidemic of white cops pointlessly killed black teens; that black people are ultimately victims of white privilege.

Apparently Starbucks' management team is among the convinced. The chain came under criticism when it launched a discussion-about-race campaign. Many noted the company played the race card hypocritically: It had no stores in riot-riveted Ferguson.

To their credit, the company is doing what most privileged white liberals believe to be unconscionable: It is locating in a violent black hot spot.

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The Ferguson store is part of a previously announced plan to open 300 Starbucks locations this year, including many in racially diverse areas, a spokesman said Thursday. The details are still being finalized and Starbucks did not say when the Ferguson store would serve its first espresso.

Protests and riots erupted in Ferguson last summer after a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. No charges were brought against Wilson, but the incident sparked unrest nationwide and brought questions of race relations in America to the fore.

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  1. after being robbed, beat and burn't, the feelings will be awake! maybe these libtards are retarded.

  2. Keyword: over-priced

    I thought the "victims of white privilege" are poor, thus how are they able to afford purchasing over-priced coffee on a daily basis? It will go bankrupt first before it gets looted and burned to ground.

    Besides, there is already a McDonalds serving cheap terrible coffee at a cheap price in Ferguson. Not even Tim Hortons, which is 3-4 times cheaper than Starcucks, would open a store there after what happened last year. Oh wait, it's not Aug 9th yet, who knows what will happen on Aug 9th this year. Mike Brown's mom once tweeted, there will be surprise.

  3. It has been observed that the sub-Saharan species does not like hot beverages.They do like standing outside coffee establishments begging and harassing patrons. They also have been caught stealing from the tip jar or lifting valuables from distracted customers.

  4. So, how long do you suppose it will be until this Starbucks gets robbed, burned down, or just goes out of business?