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April 20, 2015 -- 68-year-old Tina Matthews was shot and robbed three weeks after moving into a "secure" retirement center.

Waterkloof and Pretoria East retirement village resort is protected by a 2.4-meter high wall with electric wires on top of surrounding security guards walking at night every half hour to the houses.

But Friday night, two persons managed to enter through the back door bars at Matthews' home.

The robbers fired shots and hit Matthews, after which they fled.

Tobie Heymann, Matthews' sister, said she went to the neighbor's house to seek help.

Her neighbor pressed the panic button when he heard cries for help. The nurse on duty had called an ambulance, which Matthews took the Willows Hospital. She later went to the Unitas Hospital in Centurion.

"She is incredibly fragile after an operation two years ago," said a shocked Heymann.

"She was very scared to go in at the retirement home, for she had heard there was in the past burglaries.

"Her house in the village has cost more than R3 million. Everything looked so well and the resort guaranteed residents' safety."

Peet Fivaz, owner of Rock Shield Security, was first on the scene and said the attackers fled with nothing more than Matthews's phone.

"How is this possible in a secure complex where guards patrol every half hour?" he asked. "The crooks evidently used a garden chair to climb over the fence. How could the guards could not hear the shots and not see the chair?"

Willie Smith, relationship manager of the resort's developer, Central Developments, said everyone was shocked that this incident occured despite 24 hour access control, security guards and foot patrols.

"This is the only incident since the resort opened last year in November," he noted.

The developer and management agent has appointed a task team to determine how to increase the safety measures.

Matthews was severely traumatized.

"Her husband died long ago, and she has since been through so much," said Heymann said.

Ao. Mike Mbewe, a police spokesman, said Sunday that a case of attempted murder is being investigated by the Silverton police.

"Mrs. Matthews was still too traumatized to talk to the police. Our detectives will visit her as soon as possible. It is still difficult to determine whether anything other than the phone was stolen."

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