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April 28, 2015 -- David Fuller, 26, was making his last delivery of the night.

The address, however, was to a vacant house. When Fuller show up, he was shot and killed in his car.

Arrested for the senseless crime is Kevin Lionel Thompson Jr., 18. News reports say Thompson has numerous outstanding felony warrants.

The irony is that a hard-working man is killed for a few dollar by a thug who lacks the character and probably the intelligence to work for income.

If anyone knows of a white person convicted of killing a black pizza delivery guy, please let us know. We will post a link to the story.

The crime was reported April 28, 2015, the same day Fuller was laid to rest.

The national mainstream Marxist media has ignored the story. There have been no cable-network news stories sympathizing with the murdered man's mother as was the case when Trayvon Martin was killed in self defense.

Meanwhile, the predatory left will continue to indoctrinate us with false narratives and imagined offenses such as white privilege and micro-aggressions.

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A homicide suspect turned himself in on Monday in relation to the shooting death of a pizza delivery man.

David Fuller, 26, was murdered while delivering pizzas to a home on the 1800 block of W. Genesee in Flint.

Fuller worked for Cottage Inn and the home he was delivering the pizza to has been abandoned for years, police said.

Hundreds showed up to show their respect as he was laid to rest April 27 at Rossell Funeral Home in Flushing. TV5 crews were granted permission by the family to record guests heading into the services. But as our crews were preparing to leave, TV5's Ronnie Duncan noticed a woman looking for a place to park. As he gestured to the woman to have his spot, the woman got out and identified herself as Melissa Fuller, David Fuller's mom.

She then asked if she could say something to our camera. "I am David's mother and I want the people of Flint, the people of Detroit, the people all over the world to know that violence is never the answer. Love is the only answer. David was a very loving young man. Please honor his life by not doing any foolish things and hurting other people."

Kevin Lionel Thompson Jr. was wanted for Fuller's murder and he turned himself on April 27. The 18-year-old has multiple outstanding felony warrants.

He was arraigned and charged with first degree homicide, armed robbery, gang membership, and carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm.

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  1. Try the thug as a adult and hang him high