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April 30, 2015 -- When Pegida or other proponents of British culture take to the streets they are met with crowds of hate as counter demonstrators mischaracterize them as Islamophobes, xenophobes, and racists.

But when Muslims march, there's little opposition.

The grating sounds of Islamic prayers blasted over loudspeaker toted by cars as thousands of Muslims marched through Nelson Lancashire, England recently. The march was a show of solidarity leading into the May 7, 2015 national elections.

Why were there no outcries of disdain from neo-feminism or the militant gay movement? We would expect vocal opposition to the brutal treatment of women and protests over the executions of homosexuals by Muslims.

There were no outcries of protests because neo-femism and the militant gay hate movement have the same objective as Islam: The destruction of Western culture.

It is a glimpse into our future as millions of non-whites invade the nation our ancestors founded.

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  1. The 'destruction of 'Western Culture'?
    The cultures the individual ethnic groups of Europe possessed were destroyed in the past 100 years by wars and liberal progressive social engineering.
    If Islam can destroy the liberalism that permitted Islamic colonial efforts in Europe more power to them.

    1. right, but never let Islam do the job - its even worse @-)
      Heinrich Himmler, German Nazi said:
      "Islam is very similar to our conviction"
      And also:
      "According to our ideology, we are a leftist movement" :d

  2. In saner times this would have been dealt with with an IRON FIST. Now we just let them walk all over us. Liberal progressives have made pu$$ies out of the White Western Nations.