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April 22, 2015 -- Are we crazy?

Seven years after the 9-11 attacks Americans elected a President with an Islamic past and whose middle name is "Hussein."

If pathological altruism is considered a mental disorder, we are insane.

That insanity continues as white people worldwide embrace multiculturalism as if it were a moral imperative, even in the face of brutal hate attacks such as those suffered by a woman in Denmark.

We're in denial.

Two native Danes -- Nanna Woodsman and Mads Schøllhammer -- were attacked Christmas Eve by Muslim migrants. Woodsman suffered serious injuries to her face.

The attackers sat in court this week, laughing as the assault was recounted. Reports say the accused 'high-fived' each other, causing us to wonder why they were not in chains and handcuffed.

One of the defendants, an 18-year-old Somali male, had previously scrawled "f--k Pia Kjærsgaard" on his cell door. Kjærsgaard heads the Danish People's Party, a political movement that hasn't succumbed to pathological altruism, but fights for rational immigration policies.

23-year-old Nanna Skovmand said the thugs attacked her Christmas Eve, 2014 with chains and wire locks. They also attacked her companion.

The defendants entered 'not guilty' pleas.

If found guilty the six attackers will face a maximum sentence of six years.

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  1. We need to send them all back to whatever hell they came from and STOP supporting them!

  2. they we're jealous of her beauty,. she healed and still is.

  3. And the maximum sentence is only 6 years for this? What will it take for whites to tire of seeing their women with blood-soaked faces? When will whites rise up and destroy those who work diligently day and night to destroy them?

    Wake up, white people. WAKE UP & TAKE YOUR COUNTRIES BACK!

  4. I can only hope she is a Liberal douche bag. If not, I deeply sympathize with her.