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April 27, 2015 -- No need to rush. The mayor has effectively granted amnesty to looters and rioters in Baltimore.

Looters in that city were recorded pilfering a store with impunity. There were, we suppose, scores of other looting incidents that were not recorded or not posted on social media.

A black citizen journalist captured Baltimore residents casually looting a local business as the mayor of the city said she was giving protesters -- include rioters -- space.

According to the person who recording the looting, the intent was to communicate reality. He called the looters "opportunists."

I shot this video not to perpetuate or promote stigmas associated with my city or blacks, but to show the reality of movement infiltrated by opportunists! I will elaborate on what i mean in a piece that i am currently preparing.
If the President can grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, it follows that a mayor can grant amnesty to looters.

Law and order is breaking down in America as "privilege" is imputed to people-of-color.

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  1. The only good looter is a dead looter