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April 29, 2015 -- Police say a former resident and a homeless shelter kidnapped and killed the woman who directed the operation.

West Spruill, an ex-con, confronted 36-year-old Ana Charle as she left the shelter for home. She was abducted before she reached her car.

Spruill was naked when he forced Charle into her car at gunpoint. When the victim broke free and ran, Spruill shot her in the head and chest.

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Ana Charle, 36, left the Project Renewal Shelter around 6 p.m. after her shift, when an ex-con named West Spruill confronted her as she walked to her car, officials said.  Spruill, who used to live at the 108-bed facility, forced the mother of two into her car at gunpoint and tried to sexually assault her, police said.  Charle managed to break free from his hold, however, and ran from the vehicle.

Spruill, completely naked, jumped out of the car and gave chase, shooting Charle three times in the head and chest, according to officials.  Police say Spruill was still armed when detectives arrested him.  It’s unclear why Spruill, who no longer lived at the shelter, allegedly attacked her.

Charle’s body was found on Bullard Avenue near East 237th Street, just steps from the shelter where she worked.  She was pronounced dead at Montefiore Hospital.

Project Renewal Shelter released the following statement regarding her death:

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Ana’s entire family. Ana was a dedicated, wonderful, and loving person. She worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Ana exemplified the very best of Project Renewal and we are heartbroken by this senseless and tragic loss.

Spruill, who was imprisoned in Michigan for assault with a deadly weapon, has six prior arrests — including one for attempted murder.  He now faces charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

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  1. Ken, you often refer to"pathological altruism:".This case is a horrific example of the dangers of that type of thinking. A beautiful woman, mother of two dedicated her career to help the "less fortunate".In return for her work with the homeless, she ends up raped and murdered. I knew of a woman who was excited about helping the homeless, until she got her teeth knocked out. When are colorless people going to wake up from their liberalism coma?

  2. this is national white news! enjoy this site for truth,. its one of the few. and how many more beautiful white women will fall for the multicult hoax.