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April 24, 2015 -- A Court of Appeals has reversed the conviction of a black male accused of beating a white man to death in 2013.

Reports say Richard Daughenbaugh, 40, drove his pick-up truck into a parking lot where a mob of black teens were hanging out.

Reports say Kent Tyler III punched Daughenbaugh without provocation. Others in the mob set upon him, beating him to death.

The teens left the severely beaten Daughenbaugh in the parking lot. He later died in the hospital.

News reports cited a lack of evidence for the reversal.

The attack occurred in Des Moines, Iowa August 24, 2014. The report of the reversal was published April 23, 2015.

• Black-on-white violence is epidemic and pandemic in America. The national media ignores it as if it never occurs. The entertainment industry produces white-guilt movies implanting a false reality in the minds of Americans that blacks are victims of white brutality. Our minds are also saturated with a false history in which white mobs routinely and randomly beat or lynched blacks. The opposite is true, not only in our history, but continues across America.

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  1. Who is the douche bag of a judge that reversed the conviction?