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April 27, 2015 -- Black gangs in Baltimore have formed a partnership to effectively wage war on police officers in that city.

News reports quote the police as saying the reports are credible.

• Imagine what America will be like after 2040 when whites people are a minority and these thugs are in control!

• The mainstream Marxist media is exploiting black people to agitate, a strategy from the play book of Saul Alinsky. Black lives matter to cultural Marxism when they can be exploited. The 420,749 victims of black-on-black homicide don't matter to the predatory left.

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Baltimore City police say they have received credible information that various gangs have entered a partnership to “take out” law enforcement officers.

In an emailed statement city police wrote: “The Baltimore Police Department / Criminal Intelligence Unit has received credible information that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to “take-out” law enforcement officers. “ Police are advising law enforcement agencies to take “appropriate precautions” to ensure the safety of officers.

“Further information will be sent through appropriate channels,” police said.

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  1. The thugs have declared war on the cops, so blast away officers. Eliminate enough of these thugs and Baltimore might actually be livable.


  3. thugs, its black people kinda silly to play pc words now, isn't it finally obvious.

  4. I wish all of these bastards would spontaneously com bust!

  5. It's about time cops got a taste of their own medicine