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April 29, 2015 -- A Baltimore city councilman had harsh words -- or word -- for rioters this week.

Councilman Carl Stokes said, in effect, that 'thug' was too soft.

Stokes said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and President Barack Obama should “just call” the rioters “nigge*s.

His opinion was expressed during an interview on CNN with Erin Burnett.

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ERIN BURNETT: Councilman, you know, it’s interesting because the mayor of Baltimore, who has come under a lot of criticism, scathing criticism, for her handling this, referred to the people who were doing this last night as thugs, and she got a lot of criticism about that. There were people I saw on
Twitter who said why would you call them thugs? Now they’re not going to listen to you. President Obama also called them in his words ‘criminals’ and ‘thugs.’ He also carefully chose to use that word. Isn’t it the right word?

CARL STOKES: No, of course it’s not the right word to call our children thugs.

These are children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us. No. We don’t have to call them thugs.

BURNETT: How does that justify what they did? I mean, that’s a sense of right from wrong. They know it’s wrong to steal and burn down a CBS and an old person’s home. I mean, come on.

STOKES: Come on? So calling them thugs — just call them n*ggers. Just call them ni*gers. No. We don’t have to call them by names such as that. We don’t have to do that. That is exactly what we have set them to. No. When you say come on, come on what? You wouldn’t call your child a thug if they should do something that would not be what you would expect them to do.

BURNETT: Look, I respect your point of view. I hope I would call my son a thug if he ever did such a thing.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Actually he tried to say thug was a racial slur equivalent to n****r.
    The youth today call themselves thug and wear it like a badge of honor, but call them thugs for their actions and it's an's bullshit.