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April 27, 2015 -- A drug-deal suspect was arrested for shooting a Philadelphia police officer.

William Nobblen, 35, of west Philadelphia is facing aggravated assault, firearms and other related charges.

Officer Daniel Kostick was shot after he and a fellow officer approached Nobblen Thursday night. The suspect sped away but the officers caught up with him within moments. That's when Nobblen opened fire, hitting Kostick in his right arm. The suspect was also injured when the officers returned fire.

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Philadelphia police have identified the suspect who allegedly shot and wounded an officer late Thursday night in West Philadelphia.

William Nobblen, 35, of the 4200 block of Leidy Avenue, was arrested shortly after the shooting. Investigators say he has 13 prior arrests for crimes ranging to DUI, robbery and assault.

Nobblen, who was also shot during the incident, will be charged with attempted murder and other offenses.

He is listed in stable condition at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross said Nobblen should have been behind bars, instead of out on the streets armed with a gun.

"I'm all about second changes but, like Commissioner Ramsey says, when you talk about multiple changes then you've got to question what you can really do with an individual," said Ross.

Officer Daniel Kostick was released from the hospital on Friday. He was given a police escort as he left, and returned home to his wife and two young sons.

"I'm doing good," he said.

His commanding officer was clearly relieved and proud of the officer he calls one of his best.

"Danny's a hard-charger, one of my bike officers engaging the community and addressing crime issues every night. He works one of the toughest shifts we have, 8 to 4, and hasn't taken a day off in two years," said Capt. Joseph Bologna.

The confrontation happened at 10:15 p.m. Thursday.

Kostick was on patrol with his partners near Wilton Street and Girard Avenue. They went to investigate a man inside a van for possible narcotics violations.

"When they go to try to approach the male, the male backs up, makes a u-turn," said Ross. "They go to follow him and lose him in the area."

Officer Kostick caught up with the man, identified as Nobblen, at 51st and Master Streets.

"They're having a brief discussion," said Ross. "The man turns to him and says something to the effect of 'I don't want to have to do this,' fires at Officer Kostick, striking him in his right arm."

Kostick returned fire, hitting the man, who was subsequently found in the alley on the 5000 block of Master Street.

Sources say Nobblen's gun had jammed or he would have gotten off more shots at Kostick.

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