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April 21, 2015 -- Britain's most prolific church leader is urging European governments to absorb "Mediterranean migrants," a code word for non-white Muslims.

The Most Rev Justin Welby's plea is based upon pathological altruism. His appeal is that the plight of the invaders is ‘so extreme, so appalling’.

Cultural Marxism fails to inform us that by absorbing foreign cultures, we become foreign cultures.

For our American Indian ancestors, that was a positive phenomenon as Western values and ingenuity enhanced their lives.

For Europeans, it is a travesty.

The massive influx of Mid-Eastern culture will destroy the infrastructure provided by Western culture that enhances all cultures with moral restraint and innovation.

In short, the displacement of Western culture transcends the genocide of the white race. It will ultimately impose unimaginable suffering upon all humanity. That is a simple abstract that any rational person understands.

Globalism does understand. It doesn't care.

That is, the core philosophy of globalism is not based on logic. Rather, it intentionally defies rationalism and seeks to destroy the disparity between the West and Third World nations, whatever the costs.

To global Marxism equality of life trumps quality of life.

By advocating massive immigration of 'Mediterranean migrants,' Welby is cloaking the destruction of humanity under a false veil of compassion.

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Concerns over the impact of immigration must not stop Britain and other countries “doing what is right” and providing a home for migrants fleeing across Mediterranean, the Archbishop of Canterbury has insisted.

The Most Rev Justin Welby said all European nations must play their part in a massive continent-wide settlement programme rather than treating the crisis as the responsibility of Italy and its immediate neighbours.

He was speaking as it emerged that the death toll from the weekend’s migrant shipwreck off the coast of Libya could be as high as 950.

Since then a small craft carrying about 80 migrants has run aground off the coast of Rhodes with at least three dead, according to the Greek coastguard.

Britain and other EU countries are under growing pressure to restart full scale search and rescue operations which were halted last year amid claims that rescuing migrants could encourage people smugglers.

Since then there has been a string of disasters in which at least 1,500 people are feared to have drowned trying to reach Europe from North Africa.

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