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April 22, 2015 -- The media profiled the attacker by age (14 to 15), by gender (male), and by clothing (wore a backpack), but not by race or physical appearance.

That leaves us to assume the attacker looked like he could be Obama's son.

Dr. George Nagobads was attacked while visiting his wife's grave Sunday. The attack occurred in broad daylight.

Reports say the attacker beat Dr. Nagobads after snatching his wallet.

“I gave him my wallet, and he still tried to kill me.” he said.

The teen threw his bicycle over the cemetery fence, then climbed the fence and fled.

Dr. Nagobads drove himself to a nearby medical center where he was treated for head wounds. 18 stitches were required to close two gashes in his head.

The doctor received world fame in 1980 as the physician for a gold-medal-winning hockey team.

The crime occurred Sunday, April 19, 2015, in Minneapolis. The city is known for its violent Somali immigrants.

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  1. no empathy in some of these creatures, this should be front page news, reversed it would be. never leave you're house without some kind of weapon, pepper mace should be mandatory in obummers merica.

  2. MUGGED IN A GRAVEYARD!!! WTF has happened to us! The joys of diversity and multiculturalism. We all know what needs to be done to stop it, but we are handicapped by political correctness. It will no doubt get us all killed.