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April 20, 2015 -- Warm weather coupled with strict gun laws and an abandon of rigorous stop-and-search polices resulted in twenty shootings over the weekend in New York City.

One person, presumed to be black, was killed.

That presumed black life doesn't matter to the media because he wasn't killed by a white cop.

Community leaders, including one in a funny hat, called for peace. Yep. That'll work. Note how effective it's been in the past.

• Psychologist Arthur Jensen (1923-2013) demonstrated that violent criminals are typically (a) males, (b) ages 18 to 49 with (c) IQs between 70 and 90.

That's not rocket science, gentlemen (including the guy in the funny hat), but it is science.

• The predatory left doesn't care about black lives, preferring to delve into anecdotes while ignoring data.

Marxism requires that natural phenomenon be falsely consigned to social causes. Marxism can't tinker with social ills caused by genetic-driven behavior. It can, however, manipulate social causes through exploitation, even when those social causes are wholly imagined. It insists that every social dilemma be traced to the evil realm of the bourgeois, otherwise known as "white people"

• Let's look at the data.

From an earlier post:

52.2% of homicides have been committed by blacks, nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the population.

The get-tough policies of mayors Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg have, however, reduced crime and saved thousands of black lives. Literally. Thousands!

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) delivers raw data that empirically proves that tough-on-crime laws save black lives.

During the David Dinkins administration there were

2245 homicides in New York City (1990)
2154 homicides in New York City (1991)
1995 homicides in New York City (1992)
1946 homicides in New York City (1993)

After Giuliani's and Bloomberg's get tough policy (1994-2013)
the numbers dropped dramatically

534 homicides in New York City (2010)
515 homicides in New York City (2011)
414 homicides in New York City (2012)
333 homicides in New York City (2013)

There were fewer homicides in NYC in 2013 than in any year recorded to date.

How could fewer homicides make black crime statistics increase? Answer: They couldn't!

Let's do the math.

There were 8,340 homicides in NYC 1990-93
There were 1,796 homicides in NYC 2010-13

8,340 - 1,796 = 6,544

A total of 6,544 lives were saved in four years alone! Most of those were black lives.

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  1. by the libtards aka communism darwin theory we observe that blacks are genetically criminal and can't be disproven, its not the cops its who they chasing.