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March 30, 2015 -- Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, didn't get it her way, so she shot the place up.

Torres was found guilty last week of firing shots at a Grand Rapids, Mich. McDonalds. She was upset, reports say, that her burger didn't include bacon as ordered.

Managers at the McDonalds offered Torres a free bacon burger after she claimed her first order had no bacon. When the second burger was found to be bacon free, Torres produced a concealed firearm and had at it.

The incident occurred in 2014.

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McDonald's drive-through cashier Essence Lake said as she was walking away to get the new burger, the glass behind her was shattered by a bullet. Lake said had she been standing at the window, the bullet would have struck her in the forehead.

Torres did not take the stand, but the jury heard the in-car recording from the police vehicle outside her home in the Ken-O-Sha neighborhood where she was interrogated by Grand Rapids Police not long after the shooting.

After 14 minutes of denying she had anything to do with the shooting, Torres admits that she did have the gun with her. Then Torres was asked why it happened.

"There was no reason," Torres said in the recording. "It was just dumb."

Officer Jeremy Wortz suggested that the gunshot could have been an accident and Torres agreed that was the case. Torres said she was getting money and her phone out of her purse when the gun "went off."

Torres explained that her gun had no safety and that while she legally owned the gun, she had no permit to carry a concealed weapon.

She also explained that she was not looking to shoot anyone at the McDonald's.

Michigan State Police firearms expert Jeff Crump testified that the gun owned by Torres had no external safety but it had to be loaded and racked in order for it to fire. He also said it took about five pounds of pressure on the trigger for the gun to fire, about average for a 9mm Glock semi-automatic.

During the second and last day of testimony, the jury heard from Wayne Woods, an employee at the McDonald's who said Torres appeared to be in a good mood when she flirtatiously told him he looked good and then gave him her phone number before she proceeded to the next window to get her order.

Defense attorney John Beason pointed out the fact that Torres was described as happy and flirtatious as she went through the line to get her food.

"Where's the anger?" Beason asked. "Where's the madness to make her pull out a gun and shoot through the window?"

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