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March 29, 2015 -- Opposition to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act was muted.

Passage of the legislation was a foregone conclusion and, as expected, Gov. Mike Pence signed it into law last week.

The strategy of the predatory left was not to vociferously oppose the legislation. Rather, the strategy was to hold the venom until after the bill became law, then release hell on Indiana.

The purpose?

The orchestrated blow-back is apparently intended to serve notice on other states. In effect, the predatory left is sending this message: "If you support Christian rights, you will have hell to pay!"

The new law was needed to protect Christians from militant gay hate campaigns, such as that in Oregon where a Christian baker refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Similar anti-Christian hate campaigns have been waged against other bakers as well as hotel owners and at least one photographer.

• The row began when so-called civil rights laws were enacted displacing the libertarian concept of freedom of association. In the traditional libertarian view, shop owners had the right to serve whomever they wished.

The predatory left deems free association as immoral in that it allows citizens to chose not to associate with others. The left forces us to associate with others. Such government force is essential to remove economic inequities that are anathema to Marxism.

While most of us abhor discrimination, we erred in allowing the government to force us to surrender our freedom of association.

Homosexuals are now demanding and receiving special protection as a prosecuted minority.

Oddly, many LINOs (libertarians in name only) support government force to discriminate against Christians. They also openly advocate marriage licensing, a policy that is diametrically opposed to libertarian values.

• To our knowledge the media has published no public opinion polls revealing the sentiments of Hoosiers.

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  1. Gays are some of the most narcissistic, notorious vindictive people one can encounter. They are a radical revengeful force that no one should have to reckon with.

  2. yeah us indiana people are all bigots according to puffington post and miley virus laugh at them harder.

  3. The radical queers never wanted EQUAL rights. What they always wanted were SPECIAL rights.