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March 21, 2015 -- In an ongoing effort to create a pretense of intellectual sophistication, the predatory left continues to shroud the absurdities of cultural Marxism with a veil of inconsequential terms and phrases.

We have endured such terms as white privilege, critical race theory, and disparate impact. Now the left is applying the word racialize in an attempt to lend credibility to its effort to marginalize, stigmatize, and stereotype white people as racists.

Example: A group calling itself the Racialized Students’ Collective conducted a meeting at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. When two white student journalists showed up to cover the event, they were promptly asked to leave.

According to news reports the group's person-of-color founder, Chrys Saget-Richard, asked the two if they had been racialized. When the reporters admitted they had not, they were asked to leave because the meeting was a safe space.

Apparently the organization leader presumes non-whites need to be segregated from whites for safety reasons. That prompts us to ponder this question: Why do non-whites prefer to invade white societies if they are subjected to such intense discrimination as to compel them to create safe spaces? Logic would conclude that the safest places are their respective homelands.

• Racialize is defined as "to impose a racial character or context on."

Racialization, then, appears to be an effort by the predatory left to convince migrants to resist assimilation, lest they become "racialized."

It's a two way street.

When non-whites fail to drink the cultural Marxism Kool-aid, they are consider "racialized." They have assimilated. The classic term for racialized black males is "Uncle Tom."

When whites fail to drink the cultural Marxism Kool-aid, they are consider "not racialized." They have not assimilated to classic Marxist thought. The current term for unracialized whites is "White privilege."

• If that understanding is correct, we  must assume the non-white group considers people-of-color to be a collective race to which whites must be assimilated.

Our source article in Campus Reform notes that:

According to its website, Ryerson University’s safe space policy (dubbed the “Positive Space” policy) states that its goal is “To increase the visibility of and contribute to the development of positive, supportive people and spaces for LGBTT2SQQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transsexual, 2-Spirited, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Ally) students, staff and faculty at Ryerson.”
Note that Ryerson University has no safe place for those who embrace Southern culture. There is no safe place for Christian evangelicals.

• Ryerson executives fail to realize that Jim Crow laws essentially established safe places for whites to protect them from black crime and violence. That is, many blacks were not racialized in that -- after generations of being exposed to Western culture -- they had never assimilated. Consquently, whites would establish safe places such as the fronts of buses, neighborhoods, and schools where they would be safe from unracialized blacks.

• The Racialized Students’ Collective is another example of the Marxist paradigm that divides us into two groups: the oppressed proletariat and the oppressing bourgeois. Non-white students are permitted to attend the 'safe place' where the proletariat protects themselves from the oppressive white bourgeois. Of course, there is no oppression. Rather, such programs reinforce a false reality. Like any delusional cult members, many non-whites relish the opportunity to role-play as victims until they are persuaded they actually are victims.

Cultural Marxism creates the two classes -- proletariat and bourgeois -- by discouraging non-whites from embracing the values of Western culture. Cultural Marxism doesn't want Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, etc. from assimilating, becoming Westernized, or -- to use their term -- racialized.

That is why voice-mail operators ask us to choose between assimilated bourgeois English and unassimilated proletariat Spanish. It is why businesses print signs in English and Spanish. They don't want Hispanics to assimilate. Rather,

cultural Marxism cultivates a culture of multiculturalism.

Cultural Marxism is creating a competing us-vs-them class struggle in which the non-white proletariat refuses to assimilate (racialize) with the white bourgeois.

Saul Alinsky described the phenomenon as agitation, a process of inflaming resentments among the proletariat against the bourgeois. That is why the media focus on white cops shooting black males. The popular YouTube video, What Kind of Asian Are You, inflames Asian resentment for white people. The movie, Dear White People, does the same. The intent is to agitate; to inflame resentments. The intent is never to resolve problems, but to create illusions of problems, even where none exist.

• As seen in the event at Ryerson University, whites are expected to sympathize (racialize) with non-Western groups. White people will perennially be stigmatized as haters, racists, bigots, etc., even though, in reality, white people are the most altruistic and benevolent people group on earth.

The endgame of cultural Marxism is to displace Western culture creating a void in which economic Marxism can be implemented. When that occurs, all will suffer. White people will be blamed. 

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