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March 31, 2015 -- Students of color need a safe space.

That was the summation of anti-white bigots who forced white students to leave a school-funded event at Ryerson University in Toronto earlier this month.

While students of color are imagining micro-aggressions in Toronto, students of non-color are in need of safe spaces from genuine macro-aggressions in Washington state.

• A spate of attacks is terrorizing the University of Washington where a student was approached by persons of color and beaten. News reports say the victim was ambushed by three persons of color, one approaching from the front and another from behind.

The victim managed to escape the assault and fled to a safe space.

Students at UW worry because such attacks are common and the persons of color committing the crimes are getting bolder, attacking their victims earlier in the evenings.

Young adults who were raised in privileged white neighborhoods and spoon fed cultural Marxist propaganda are totally unprepared for the stark reality of black criminal behavior. Their naiveté makes them vulnerable targets for persons of color with violent and criminal psychopathic behavior patterns.

• The student who was attacked March 25 profiled the two assailants as a "dark-complexioned teen-aged male, 5 foot 7 inches tall, 130 pounds, an athletic build, short black curly hair..."

Fortunately the attackers were not profiled as being black. That would constitute racism.

From we read:

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Seattle police are investigating a report that a University of Washington student was beaten over a cellphone.

One subject approached the student on foot on the sidewalk Wednesday, March 25.
According to police reports, a second person approached from behind and started to punch the victim's head and shoulders.

The victim held onto his phone and escaped by running to a safe place. He had minor injuries and was treated on scene.

“It’s pretty frightening,” UW employee Karen Barker said. “It’s sad and disturbing that would happen over a cellphone.”

“I’m kind of shocked this happened in my neighborhood,” student David Melnichuk said. “We pay a lot of money here for rent so you think it would be a pretty secure place to live.”

It happened in the 4100 block of 12th Avenue Northeast at 9:15 p.m.

A week earlier, two guys with a gun robbed another student of his cellphone at 1:40 a.m. in the 1700 block of Northeast 50th Street.

UW police say they're stepping up patrols in those areas now.

But the fact that the most recent attack happened at 9 at night isn't sitting well with students.

“It’s usually happening around midnight or later so now that’s happening that soon, it’s kind of alarming,” Melnichuk said.

Another student added, “9 o’clock is pretty early. It’s not exactly the most settling thing in the world, you know,” said Matthew Yoshihara.

The two men are still on the loose. The victim described the first subject as a "dark-complexioned teen-aged male, 5 foot 7 inches tall, 130 pounds, an athletic build, short black curly hair, wearing a black sweatshirt with a red image, black basketball shorts and tall black socks."

The one who approached the victim from behind had the same descriptors as the first suspect except the clothing was described as a gray hoodie.
Police say the victim described a third male subject in the area but could not provide any description of the individual.

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  1. Time to start allowing these students to be allowed to back heat against the uncivilized brutes senda few thugs to the cematary