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March 26, 2015 -- The Conservative Party in Britain has set forth an agenda: Migrants who don't speak English will lose their government benefits.

Sound good to you?

Not to me.

First, I wonder: Why are the migrants in Britain?

Migrants tend to dilute the work force resulting in lower wages and employment and they are disproportionately responsible for higher crime rates. Their sole purpose seems is apparently to supply votes for the Labour Party.

Second, why are migrants given benefits?

They clearly didn't earn them. Britain's nativist white population contributed generations of labor and innovation to develop a high standard of living. Most migrants contributed nothing; not even taxes.

The Conservative's agenda seems to have one objective in mind: To siphon votes from UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) and BNP (British National Party). That is, they appear to be intent on stealing the thunder from Britons who understand the devastating effects of multiculturalism.

Granted, they don't need to woo all of the votes from patriotic movements. They only need enough to remain in control.

It's a short-sighted strategy.

Meanwhile, the flow of migrants will continue to flood Britain and, contrary to intuition, the Conservative Party will find itself a permanent minority party in short order.

• The ploy seems to be working. UKIP is already losing voting share as national elections draw near.

According to the Mirror, UKIP's support has dropped from a peak at 24 percent of the vote to 18 percent.

A Google search using the term UKIP delivers a litany of media articles lambasting the party.

From The Telegraph we read:

Please report typos...

Foreigners will be stripped of hundreds of pounds worth of housing benefits if they refuse to learn English under a Conservative majority government, The Telegraph has learnt.

Doctors and nurses will also have to tell migrants who cannot speak English where they can learn the language under proposals being drawn up by the Conservatives.

The details emerged after Theresa May made a manifesto pledge to implement “new incentives and penalties” to get migrants learning English if they are re-elected.

Government sources have told The Telegraph the Conservatives plan to put “rocket boosters” on current rules stripping benefits from people who refuse to learn English.

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  1. A real Briton would not vote for a race traitor like David Cameron. In fact, he should be trialed for treason against Britain. He promised to cut down immigration, instead the opposite happened, he let more immigrants in without the public even knowing about it.