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March 27, 2015 -- 18 females and 1 male were arrested in connection to a brawl at Elmira High School in New York.

The school was placed on lockdown March 18 after an apparent planned fight erupted in the school's main lobby. Arrests came after authorities reviewed video footage of the fight.

Not all black teens behave like savages nor are all savages black. However, violence in schools and elsewhere disproportionately involves black students.

This is Elmira High School's first year of operation. It is a merger of two area schools. A spokesperson denied the planned attack was a tribal conflict in which students from the two merged schools opposed each other. The spokesperson also insisted that attack was not racial.

It may well have been both.

• The purpose of school segregation in some areas was to protect white students from such perennial violence. School segregation was generally not intended to be racial discrimination based on groundless animus.

• Classroom instruction often includes lessons on white privilege. When coupled with life experience instruction in which white students are exposed to the reality of black-on-black and black-on-white violence, those students learn to accept black violence while being indoctrinated with white privilege. The outcome is a mindset that refuses to take positive action to effectively control black violence.

• In 2014 Eric Holder (Dept. of Justice) and Arne Duncan (Dept. of Education) issued an effective joint edict to government schools demanding that the racial disparity in discipline be eliminated. That is, black students would not be punished more often or more severely than white students, even when black students create discipline problems more often or more severely than white students.

According to the Holder-Duncan letter, the black students seen brawling in the video should not be punished more severely than the white students seen attempting to avoid the violence.

From the we read:

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The Chemung County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday afternoon it has arrested 19 people, 18 of them females, in connection with a fight last week at Elmira High School.

At 11:45 a.m. March 18, several students were involved in what the sheriff's office said appears to have been a planned fight in the high school's main lobby area. The melee led to the school being placed on lockdown for a short period that morning.

Arrests were made after law enforcement and school officials reviewed security footage from internal cameras, as well as footage students shot on their personal devices and then posted on the Internet.

The sheriff's office released to media what appear to be two cellphone videos of the incident and students later being restrained by school staff or police. The shaky videos showed many students screaming, some shoving, a student wrestled to the ground, police and staff intervening, and a male student holding up a hair extension or wig and hollering, "I've got the trophy."

Of those arrested, 18 were females, one was a male and three were juveniles at age 15, the sheriff's office said.

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