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March 31, 2015 -- If your name is Alan, this letter is not to you. I use the pseudonym for reasons explained in the letter.

Also, if you're not an orthodox Jew, this letter is not to you. My friend, Alan, is compulsively orthodox. I admire his obsession for kosher food but found his habit of hiding his kippah under a baseball cap a bit hypocritical.

Dear Alan,

I'm truly sorry that your efforts at making a go of it on the Internet have ended in failure. However, I'm convinced your constant criticism of my website is an expression of envy driven by frustration.

If it's any comfort you may be pleased to know that I attempted previous efforts at online publishing before finding success with Yes, I was a  failure just like you but with this notable difference: Rather than attacking successful people in a jealous rage, I observed and learned from their success.

• This question should be at the front our minds: What are successful people doing that I'm missing? The next step is to learn. The third step is to apply what we learn.

More succinctly stated, we should watch, learn, and apply.

I observe successful news websites searching for trends and patterns. If I find many websites making identical changes, I assume there is a reason. A few months ago, for example, I noticed that many successful conservative sites were including humorous YouTube videos that were unrelated to their normal content. I watched, learned, and applied and now I know why they added the videos.

Watch, learn, and apply.

• The contention that your criticism was "tough love" was never taken seriously. To be honest, I suspected your bursts of groundless critiques were alcohol speaking; that you had fallen off your religious wagon.

However, when you openly criticized me on Facebook, all doubt was dismissed. The Apostle Peter observed in his first epistle, " covers a multitude of sins."

To paraphrase in the vernacular, we don't openly criticize those we love. That is, our true friends won't attack us in public but will keep the criticism confidential. Your "tough love" was neither tough nor love. It was an expression of envy.

Yes, I realize that orthodox Jews don't adhere to the New Testament. Peter's wisdom, however, transcends religion. Even an atheist would agree that love covers a multitude of sins.

That is why I don't use your real name. Attacking friends in public is a crude character flaw. We should reserve that honor for the likes of Barack Obama and Miley Cyrus. By the way, you stink at karaoke, but you'll never find me saying that on Facebook.

That's not to say that I am above criticism, nor do I reject it out of hand. You may be interested to know, Alan, that I had dinner with another Facebook friend in October. He bluntly advised me that the appearance of my website stunk and needed a face lift. Realizing his criticism was objective and honest, I heeded his advice and changed the site's format. The outcome was astounding. Our average daily page views increased as much as seven fold.

• You seem to be bothered that I don't use my real last name.

Pseudonyms are common marketing strategies. Most of us know that Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Clemens and John Wayne's real name was Marion Morrison.

The truth is, Alan, few can correctly pronounce my real last name and fewer can remember it. Again, using a simple name is a marketing strategy and when the name is associated with the core product, it is even more beneficial. For what it's worth, a few will occasionally address me as "Mr. Daily" when they meet me in person. I always correct them.

I don't hide my real last name. If you listened to my radio show, you would know that.

• You also take exception to the fact that I'm raking in huge profits with my website.

I wish that were true and, if it were, I would not apologize. Most of the income generated by the site is invested in overhead and related expenses. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll become an Internet millionaire. In the meantime, my online efforts are a labor of love and an investment of time.

I hope you're taking notes. Critics are like tone-deaf karaoke singers. They have no talent but draw much attention.

• When I launched my direct mail business in 1984, I earned $25 my first full year in business. I cashed my first paycheck in December of that year and invested in gasoline for a trip to Indianapolis where I treated my parents to Frostys at Wendy's. My second year in business produced a part-time income and the third year yielded full-time profits.

I've been a full-time direct marketer ever since, choosing to begin retirement on my terms this year.

Take note that few business ventures begin with immediate financial success.

Take note that your most valuable assets transcend dollar value. Your friends and family are scarce commodities. Think of them as rare coins to be held for life. Throwing away friends reveals both a lack of business sense and common sense.

• By the way, you may also want to take note that your hero, Glenn Beck, commits many of the same "offenses" you accuse me of, with the exception that his income is significantly higher. Beck earns about $20-million per year [source].

If you find that income obscene, you may want to send Beck one of your 'tough love' messages. Who knows? Maybe he'll write his own 'Dear Alan' letter!

He also spells his first name with a double 'n'.

I find many of Beck's views anathema. Nonetheless, I admire his marketing acumen. I will watch, learn, and apply.

You should do the same.

Your friend,


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