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March 30, 2015 -- Ever wonder why some Muslims have that musty aroma?

Take a look at the video below.

Recently posted on YouTube, a Muslim woman in Australia takes a dump in a crowded hallway while civilized humans wait for elevators.

Obviously, multiculturalism is more than holding hands and singing Kumbaya: It's cultural thermodynamics in which we must endure, er, uh, tolerate the deplorable behavior of people still living a paleolithic existence.

Among the comments on YouTube are these bits of insight:

I have heard this from people who work in stores - they will crap in the dressing rooms. A girlfriend used to tell me about what she would find after they left dressing rooms. Keep in mind that they think we are the animals and dirt. ... just saying... their Koran tells them they are the best of people and we are the animals. yep. Notice there is no concern for her to wipe her butt. the remains will be on her garbage bag that she is wearing.

I worked at a B&Q depot snided with them an we were allways finding s**t in the racking on the shopfloor yet the management said jack shit along with the dirty bastards constantly leaving cups of shit stained water in the toilet they had used when they wiped there arse with there hand after leaving bootprints on the toilet seat and sprayed shit up the back of it,they are filthy bastards.


Being from the UK, I can tell you that the majority of Muslim women (and men) have a foul odour, it is particularly noticeable on public transport.

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  1. this multiculturalism chit is filthy to boot, libbytars support this,mud races go figure.