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March 22, 2015 -- So why do corporations plunge into absurdly ridiculous racist programs?

The reason is to disprove a pattern of bias that would support discrimination lawsuits from employees or customers.

The recent "Race Together" campaign at Starbucks is likely no exception.

When we look at the company's leadership team, we discover Starbucks seems to have an aversion to promoting black Americans to high-paying jobs.

Starbuck's 19 top-level executives include only three apparent non-whites and -- barring the prospect of sex-change operations -- include only three women.

Below is a screen shot of Starbuck's web site. You can see it for yourself here ►

The company's "Race Together" web page includes a series of photos of workers. I counted eight, seven of whom are not white and none are white males. It appears Starbucks reserves it lowest-paying jobs for nonwhites and while it top tier positions are dominated by white males.

My opinion? The company may hire whom they wish and should promote on merit rather than race or gender. That appears to be the case.

My beef? The practice of Starbucks appears to be out of line with its preaching. The company wants us to "race together." However, the company seems to exempt itself from "racing together" in promotions to its highest paying positions.

Click here to access Starbuck's "Race Together" web page ►

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