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March 30, 2015 -- 63 white South Africans have been murdered by blacks Jan. 1, 2015 through March 30, 2015.

Extrapolated over a 365-day period, this would be the equivalent of about 250 per year.

It does not include lives lost due to neglect, such as those who die in squatter camps, and incompetence, such as those who die needlessly in South Africa's hospitals.

In perspective, one of 18,346 white South Africans will be murdered by a black each year.

Using simple math and a life expectancy of 70 years, one of 262 white South Africans can expect to die by black-on-white homicide at the current rate.

If one of 18,346 America 223,553,265 whites were murdered by blacks each year, there would be 12,185 black-on-white homicides annually.

Our source provides the names and circumstances of black-on-white homicides year-to-date:

MARCH 2015:

30 March 2015: unnamed white man shot in his car, pulled out and left to die after large black gang robs him - video more details awaited: [source]

25 March 2015 Afrikaner woman Anna Roos, dies 2 weeks after hips broken by vicious assault at Florida Motor vehicle department [source]

23 March 2015: treatment repeatedly refused by Ancron Hospital: Afrikaans baby girl dies in mother's arms at home - culpible homicide investigated after charges lodged: [source]

23 March 2015: Five more recorded murders through medical neglect: "Afrikaners slaughtered enmasse in government hospitals' doctor warns: [source] -- Frik Balanco: [source]

23 March 2015 Thomas Cope, murdered by seven blacks in Silverfields, Krugersdorp: "I could see death in their eyes', said traumatised son [source]

23 March 2015 Murder: farmer Willie Clarence 59, shot in the back: 17yo youth arrested with stolen firearm [source]

23 March 2015 Four Murders: 4 young men missing in Christiana were found murdered, buried in shallow graves on 2 farms in Hertzogville: - Jacques de Villiers; Michael Grant, Jerome Desmond Grant and Riaan Ruiters [source] 

21 March 2015 Murder: Elmarie Van Zyl, 40, Bloemfontein: strangled in McHardy Street, Brandwag guesthouse [source] 

21 March 2015: Two murders: two whites: farmer Willie Clarence and Hennie (surname awaited) .. shot dead: car torched, Maraisburg offramp [source]

20 March 2015 (Missing, very likely murdered, awaiting confirmation:) Wayne Alberts 36: After police give his missing car to suspects, parents fear he's been murdered [source]

17 March 2015 Murder: Dr Louis-John Botha 64 thrown while alive to crocodiles at his wild-life farm by 4 blacks: in Potgietersrus court on 17 March 2015 [source]

15 March 2015 farmer Chris van Deventer of Leandra dies of gunshot injuries: 3 black gunmen: only loot: 2 cellphones [source]

7 March 2015 white English-speaking businessman John Lyons 53, shot dead by 2 blacks in hatecrime, high security Woodlands Country Estate [source]

6 March 2015: Brondal Nelspruit farmer Koos Kruger dies from gunshot wounds from farm attack [source]

4 March 2015: Found dead: awaiting forensic report: injuries on body: Afrikaner man Jacques de Villiers, 55 missing since 14 Feb 2015 [source]

4 March 2015 Jury Hayes, 41, owner of Toyco Motor Spares, Soutter Street, Pretoria West [source]

3 March 2015 Gordon Traill, 81, bludgeoned to death by 3 blacks with wrench, Kenilworth CT: police bungle case [source]

2 March 2015 Louis du Toit, business manager of meat wholesalers Pretoria West [source]

2 March 2015 Body found in torched car boot: Church Street, Florida Park, awaiting confirmation it may be missing white man: [source]

February 2015:

20 Feb 2015: Burger Botes 30, security guard shot dead by illegal miner Gold-One Mine, Springs. [source]

26 Feb 2015: Susanna and Melvin Lawson, Oribi village: hacked to death and torched, Pietermaritzburg -

26 Feb 2015 Jack Steyn, 21, was stabbed to death early Thursday 26 February 2015 in his home in Thabazimbi. This was confirmed by colonel Ronel Otto. She said Steyn and his girlfriend were asleep in their Akasia home when they were attacked around 02h25 am and the intruder stabbed to death Mr Steyn. The man then fled. Nothing appeared to be robbed, said Otto. [source]

24 Feb 2015 Hluhluwe farmer Terry Rizzoto: shot dead by black male gang with AK47s and guns - who also hacked to death the farm dog and severely assaulted his wife. [source]

21 Feb 2015 ex-police Captain André Fabricius, 50, of murder and robbery squad Pretoria: shot dead at Linden home by 3 black males [source]

12 Feb 2015: Stephan du Toit, shot dead execution style: 'just lie still and pretend you're dead, said his desperate wife as he fell wounded to the ground.She was tightly clinging her little daughter, trying to protect her from the bullets. “Please, please don’t hurt her, kill me instead.”These were the desperate and emotional words Louisa du Toit cried the night her husband, Stephan, was shot and killed by black gunmen inside their Norkem Park, Kempton Park Gauteng home. [source]

3 Feb 2015 Pieter du Plessis 52, 3Feb2015 found in outside room with throat cut, Vanderbijlpark, brother of Vaalweekblad journalist Nothing robbed. [source]

3 Feb 2015 Flip Nortjé, 3Feb2014 Afrikaner co-owner of XXX-Exhaust Supply company in Meyerton Pretoria, shot dead by black male gang who arrived shooting their guns in a luxury Mercedes [source]

10 Feb 2015 Murder: Lourens Erasmus 64, died overnight at the Pretoria state hospital after he was shot by armed attackers in Pretoria on Tuesday 10Feb2015 [source]

12 Feb 2015: Afrikaner man stabbed to death, allegedly by youth, 17: Fichardtpark, Bloemfontein: [source]

7 Feb 2015 Culpible homicide: asbestosis sufferer William Engelbrecht 61, Navalsig Bloemfontein. dies of oxygen shortage after 2 Eskom power cuts same day: [source]

12 Feb 2015: Culpible homicide inquest; Farmer Herman Visser's wife Lelani, 34, mysteriously poisoned on farm: police fail to investigate two weeks after they were notified: [source]

2 Feb 2015: Culpible homicide: Ramsgate Afrikaner Louis van Wyk 58 was deliberately electrocuted on the N2 toll road southboard Seaslopes off-ramp near Margate squatter camp -- Louis van Wyk (58), died in the arms of his wife, Caron, after he stepped on a live electric wire hidden in the grass on the side of the N2 toll road’s southbound Seaslopes off-ramp. Police spokesman Captain Gerald Mfeka has confirmed that the live electric wire was part of an illegal electricity connection. Police were investigating the matter. If the culprit responsible for setting up the connection was apprehended he or she would face prosecution (for culpible homicide), he said.

News Links Feb 2015 murders:

[source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]

January 2015

1 - 5 February 2015 murders of whites: Pieter du Plessis, 52, found in outside room with throat cut, Vanderbijlpark, brother of crime-reporter at Afrikaans Vaalweekblad daily image: [source]

Flip Nortjé, Afrikaner co-owner of XXX-Exhaust Supply company in Meyerton shot dead by black male gang in Mercedes [source]

30 Jan 2015 Triple-murder in same family by unknown person (s) with axe: - Martin van Breda 54, murdered with axe, Stellenbosch
 - Theresa van Breda 54, murdered with axe, Stellenbosch
 - Rudi Van Breda 22 murdered with axe, Stellenbosch (injured: children Marli 16 critical and Henri 20) Details: (politicised cops try to pin triple-massacre on family member similar to Shrien Dewani case) [source]

28 Jan 2015: J.G. Potgieter short dead in Elizabeth Street, Schoemansville Hartbeespoort. (unconfirmed by police thus far. Three white men were shot dead in Schoemansville in same week).

28 Jan 2015 Mike O'Reilly shot dead 4 shots: black attackers, Schoemansville Hartbeespoort driveway. [source]

29 January 2015 Hendrik Havenga (53) Reported missing, shot dead on black-owned farm near Gcilima, near Southbroom (KZN) on Tuesday. 29 January 2015: nothing robbed [source]

28 January 2015: Charles Henderson 61: Police Krugersdorp/Muldersdrift police arrested four of six black male torturer-murderers the gang reportedly had tied the Henderson couple together and then tried to cut off the head of Charles Henderson of Muldersdrift with a garden spade: Just before he died - still tied to his traumatised, bleeding wife, he sighed to her: "Ek kan nie meer nie'... [source]

12 January 2015 Susan Kotze, 79 ELLISRAS (Lephalale ) farm woman tortured to death 12 January 2015. Trial of four suspects on 20 May 2015 [source]

4 January 2015 Skippie de Klerk: 4 Jan 2015 Rustenburg Six black male gunmen shot dead Willem Skippie de Klerk (30) on 4 Jan 2015 while the unarmed Afrikaner was trying to protect his family [source] [source] and [source]

3 January 2015 André du Preez, 3 Jan 2015 shot dead through open window by outside black male gunman: Hartbeespoort NW no robbery [source]

2 January 2015: Leon Snyman, Hartbeespoort, (married to a black woman, Elize who also seriously injured but survived: Hartbeespoort attack wave by black male gunmen [source]

4 January 2015 Malcolm "Stick" Green, 68, shot dead by four black males, died in son's arms from a single gunshot. Ladysmith farm 4 Jan 2015, (Seven years earlier cousin David Green also died in farm attack KZN) [source]

11 Jan 2015 Martie Bester, 68, tortured and torched to death inside her house, farm Erfbloem, Theunissen/Welkom 11 Jan 2015, bible thrown on her body, signs of torture to the body [source]

8 Jan 2015 Mr Toon & Mrs Rinie Swanepoel. Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein: Cruel mental torture before death reported by South Africa Today:

"Black comrades executed the Afrikaner couple who were tied up with their faces close to one another, and shot them like dogs, first the wife, then the husband, while others sat and watched and ate the woman's home-baked biscuits she was well-known for in the area. [source] [source]

13 Jan 2015 Clive Bowers, Bundo Lodge Holiday Estate, White River, Lowveld by black males at 23h30: first sprayed with pepper spray, then he was shot dead. Apparently this gang is being sought for the large number of plasma-tv 'robberies": they use the chemicals to make 'recreational street drugs' from. [source]

1 January 2015 Johan Fourie 67, 1 Jan 2015 Farm Taaibosch Kroonstad reported by Kroonnuus, Elsje Waldeck [source]

5 Jan 2015 Unidentified farmer 69, shot dead execution style 5 Jan 2015 Estcourt KZN [source]

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