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March 24, 2015 -- The melting pot is boiling over in St. Cloud, Minn. where the coarse realities of multiculturalism are turning violent.

A group of about 100 Somali Muslim students staged a walk-out at an area high school. Joined by their parents, the refugees from violence in the homeland import violence as they brawl with American black students.

Police locked down St. Cloud Technical High School Friday after a fight broke out.

Notice in the accompanying image many of the students are smiling; they seem to be enjoying themselves.

KARE11 quoted a school official making these inane statements:

"Situations regarding race and culture are in the forefront at this moment. It's a hot topic."

Race and culture are not only at the forefront, they are also at the core. It's not for the moment. It's all the time.

"At times, can there be conflict? Definitely."

Those of us who attended racially diverse high schools know that "times" are all the time, particularly in schools with large black student populations.

"But at the same time, it's a learning environment."

Indeed. We're learning about other cultures and we're learning multiculturalism doesn't work.

"We're making sure it's a safe environment."

Obviously, that is not true.

On a brighter side, school officials have not been able to blame white privilege on the conflicts.

The disturbance occurred Friday, March 20, 2015.

• Below is a video from a similar "disturbance" two years ago when black Americans and Somalis fought each other at another Minnesota high school.

Notice is the video white students rush away from the turmoil while black students run towards it.

Why are we allowing our government to force our children to be exposed to this "learning environment."

• Government officials don't care about the safety of our children, the future of our society, or education. They are driven by a cultural Marxist agenda to displace white cultures and the economic disparities that result from Western innovation.

• We wonder how long before TV stations like KARE11 will feature female reporters in hijabs and  burqas.

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  1. It's interesting how that schools design resembles a prison.The area below is quite visible from above.Could that be on purpose? Perhaps so "certain"students" will feel "at home" later in life? Valkyrie

  2. Indeed, it is not a melting pot, it is a pressure cooker!

  3. I thought Americans would have learned their lessons about Somalis after Black Hawk Down, the Lee Rigby massacre, and Barbara Lerner Spectre's Multiculturalism in Sweden. Oh wait, I forgot, there is a tyrant mulatto called YoBama who decides who can come in. Indeed, Obama is anti-American, thus anti-Canadian as well. I hope one day we can pass an "assimilation or deportation" bill, so we can kick out all these Somali scums back to Somalia, but together with those race traitors, who today love screaming "racist" at their own people. Let Somalia culturally enrich their white-skinned race traitor asses.

  4. The skirmish is between black Somalis and black Americans = no whites involved thus we can't be blamed.Maybe the two black groups will kill each other off.