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March 24, 2015 -- The cop who pulls you over in Nashville may be a foreigner.

Far-left Democrats who dominate the Tennessee city are pressing the state legislature to change the law.

Turning up the heat on the proverbial boiling frog, the leftists argue that non-citizens are allowed to serve in the military and should, therefore, be allowed to harass decent citizens.

• We think otherwise: If law enforcement has enough sense not to hire aliens, the military should have the sense not to recruit them.

• In time Americans will be accustomed to a military and law enforcement system that is both non-American and un-American. We are literally being taken over by foreign interests.

One has to wonder: If the United States is compelled to go to war with Mexico over a border dispute, would the Hispanic members of the military willfully war against their kinsmen?

• Since the military allows non-citizens to infiltrate its ranks, are governments hostile to American interests inclined to embed highly trained moles in our defense system?

Should patriotic Americans be compelled to take their nation back by armed insurrection, will they find themselves fighting foreigners in both the military and police departments?

• If Americans do nothing while their military and police are overrun by foreigners, what will prompt them to take action? We wonder how many patriotic Americans will be silenced when they are accused of being racists and xenophobes for opposing the foreign displacement of their military and law enforcement.

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