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March 24, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Ever notice the media never mentions moderate communists, moderate Nazis, or moderate Klansmen?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain there are ideological communists who neither killed nor advocated violence against anyone. Not every member of Germany's National Socialist Workers Party sported horns and a tail. If all Klansmen had been as militant as the Islamic State, the black population in the United States would have been reduced to zero one hundred years ago.

The media, however, give a pass to Islam.

The media are careful to note that only Islamic extremist lop off heads, toss homosexuals off roofs, and ban Mothers' Day as heretical.

There are moderate Muslims. There are also moderate communists, Nazis, and Klansmen.

There is, however, no moderate Islam and there is no moderate Quran.

The Syrian Muslims who banned Mothers' Day in Al-Mayadeen on Saturday could be compared to the Westboro Baptists; the difference being there are millions of Islamic terrorist loons and there have been for 1,400 years, whereas the Westboro group was a tiny fringe family cult that faded into obscurity when leader Fred Phelps died. Islam didn't fade after the death of Mohammad, but rather flourished into a centuries-old cult of tyranny that has inflicted more suffering on humanity than all other groups combined.

Still, the media would have us believe that most are moderates. Those of us who object to Muslims floating about shopping malls in hijabs and burqas are intolerant and xenophobic bigots while those who object to Klanswomen floating about in white sheets and pointy hats are praised for fighting intolerance.

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  1. Time to tell these camel jockeys we don't want tier Sharia forced on us

  2. Perhaps they should celebrate "Honor-Killing Day" instead of complaining.


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