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March 30, 2015 -- A mob of 7 to 10 males attacked a man in Seattle during the wee hours Saturday morning.

The victim was leaving a bar with two women companions. The three were approached by the mob who began touching and feeling the women. When the victim attempted to defend them, he was severely beaten.

KIRO 7 reported the attack but failed to mention the attackers were black., however, filled in the blank noting that, "Police were looking for a group of 10 to 12 black males reported by witnesses to have attacked the man and stole his phone."

The unnamed victim was taken to intensive care suffering bleeding "on three sections of my brain."

Police say there have been eight other reports of similar assaults in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle in recent weeks.

The crime was reported March 29, 2015.

• White Americans are taught to believe blacks are victims of white privilege. Those who take note of the violent racist assault are, themselves, accused of racism for noticing.

Black-on-white violence has been epidemic in our nation for generations.

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Police are investigating after a man was beaten unconscious by a group in the middle of E Pike early Saturday morning.

The attack was described by a witness on Reddit:

Last night right around 2am on Pike and Boylston I saw a group of 4 or 5 dudes chase another guy into the street, throw him on the ground, kick him in the head, then stomp on his head. One of the assailants was pulled off of the victim while trying to steal his wallet. After speaking to the women the victim was with, it turned out that the group of guys had been sexually harassing the women, and when their male friend stepped in they beat him and tried to mug him. The police came very quickly and the dude was hauled off in an ambulance after coming to, but as far as I could see the perpetrators were not found.

Police and Seattle Fire were called to the intersection of Pike and Boylston early Saturday just after 2 AM to a report that a group was fighting and one man was down in the street. Police arrived to find the victim unconscious but breathing. He was taken to the hospital and recovered enough over the weekend to talk to KIRO about the attack.

Police were looking for a group of 10 to 12 black males reported by witnesses to have attacked the man and stole his phone. There were no immediate arrests.

Meanwhile, only minutes later, a man was reportedly stabbed with a needle in a separate incident at E Pike and 11th. There are no further details available on that assault at this time.

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  1. thats what nwords do.

  2. Seattle has been pretty shielded from this due to a relatively small black population. As a result, most White peoples here are ultra liberal and very stupid about race. They worship 'tolerance.' If this starts happening more, they may start to wise up.