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March 31, 2015 -- Marine le Pen contended for an international effort to fight globalism in a recent documentary. She expressed her frustration that Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) shied away from such an alliance.

Le Pen says the new paradigm is no longer left vs right but nationalism vs globalism.

See videos below.

Le Pen's National Front party is ridiculed as a reactionary, anti-Semitic response to the leftism of the 1960s. The documentary claims Marine le Pen is more dangerous than her "extremist" father, Jean-Marie, who founded the party. The argument is made the Marine's moderate views make her more palatable to voters and, therefore, more of a threat; at least from a leftist perspective.

The leftist hand wringing is emerging in the wake of Sunday's balloting in which the National Front made considerable gains in national voting for a range of local offices.

While the documentary is painfully weighted against nationalism, it provides insight for objective viewers willing to look beyond the bias.

From The New York Times we read:

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In the aftermath of balloting on Sunday, conservatives in France were well positioned to build momentum before the presidential election in 2017, political analysts said Monday.

The elections for thousands of local council members in 98 of France’s departments amounted to a rebuke of the Socialists, who were ousted by conservatives from control of 28 departments — some they had dominated for more than 30 years.

The steady advances by conservative forces appear to have set adrift France’s political left, leaving it fractured and uncertain about how to regain popular support in the midst of an economic malaise that has failed to improve substantially over more than four years.

“If the economic context remains the same or gets worse, there will be no change from what we saw in these elections,” said Thomas Guénolé, a political science lecturer at Sciences Po.

“Apparently the right-wing centrist bloc would win most of the contests and the left-wing progressives would lose most of them,” he said, referring to regional elections, which will be held in December.

The far-right National Front did not win control of any departments, but took 22 percent of the popular vote. But the person who appeared most eager to claim victory in the elections was the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who described the vote which brought his coalition of conservative parties control of 67 of the 98 departments as a “disavowal” of the Socialist-led government.

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  1. a politician telling the truth straight up, that shock's me more than anything! could we transport her over here! we got a kenyan why not.


  3. The whole point of Mass migration and multiculturalism was to conduct a mass ongoing Hegelian Dialectic . In order to have a never ending conflict between vastly different groups within Borders , so problems could be created and the solution of Police state enforced leading to a hereditary political class, in a One world fascist/communist state.