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March 22, 2015 -- With arms raised and clinched fists, NEA supported teachers in Wisconsin demonstrated against law enforcement.

If they go to these extremes in public, imagine what they are teaching our kids in the classroom!!

The march took place in Madison, the majority white city where a white police officer used deadly force to defend himself against a black aggressor -- allegedly. Madison was also the site of the White Privilege Conference in 2014.

Note the union members ignore the estimated 48 black-on-black homicides that occur each week to focus on a white police officer defending himself as if police we the primary cause of black homicides.

According to

The protest, which happened just days after a Madison police officer shot and killed an unarmed man that allegedly attacked him, appears to be ignoring the reality of the shooting. According to media report, the man was killed after police responded to a report of an assault and a man dodging in-and-out of traffic.
But despite the fact the the man, Tony Robinson, has a violent past —he pleaded guilty to armed robbery just last fall — anti-cop protesters like Wisconsin Jobs Now have jumped all over the opportunity to exploit the shooting.
Despite the Madison police force being 18% minority (in a community that is 22% minority), a Media Trackers video caught a Wisconsin Jobs Now led protest hurling chants like “Hey-hey, ho-ho, These racist cops have got to go,” and holding signs saying “All Cops Are Bastards.”

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