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March 29, 2015 -- Most Americans have heard of Craig Cobb.

Cobb was the alleged "white supremacist" the media skewered for attempting to take over a small North Dakota town.

The media won't tell you that Islam supremacists are doing the same all over the nation. The phenomenon of Muslim no-go zones is being ignored by the mainstream media.

One exception was a Fox News segment broadcast earlier this year.

Martin Mawyer of Christian Action Network told viewers there were 22 Islamic no-go zones in nine states. All are occupied by Islamic extremists. Unlike Craig Cobb, however -- who was widely criticized for strolling around Leith, North Dakota with a gun -- the Islamic towns are active terrorist training centers.

A representative from Christian Action Network attempted to visit one of the Islamic compounds. A hidden video reveals the visitor being order to leave and to ask no questions. He vehicle was then slammed with a bat.

Imagine the media frenzy if there were 22 white-supremacist no-go zones in the United States. 

Mawyer says the Islamic no-go zones in America are worse than those in Europe. One can actually walk into the European no-go zones. Entry is prohibited in the American Islamic compounds.

Again, the Islamic versions of Leith, North Dakota exist as training camps for terrorism. They are not mere communities where Muslims want to live in peaceful solitude.

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  1. Now that these cockroaches have arrived, we will never be able to get rid of them.

  2. Did anyone else notice that the Muslim was BLACK?