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March 27, 2015 -- Yes, government force is fascism.

Stated conversely, fascism is an expression of government force.

Over the years we've been indoctrinated with the silly notion that fascism is synonymous with racism.

While the two can co-exist, they are not the same.

Fascism is government force. It is what Rush Limbaugh calls "womb-to-the-tomb" government intervention.

Limbaugh's observation is an abbreviated understanding of fascism as described by Benito Mussolini.

According to Mussolini, "The Fascist conception of the state is all-embracing; outside of it, no human or spiritual values can exist…the Fascist State…interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people." [source]

That's womb-to-the-tomb.

Civil rights legislation can be characterized as fascism when it forces us to integrate.

Hiring quotas,  mislabeled as Affirmative Action by the predatory left, is fascism when it forces employers to hire and promote unqualified individuals ahead of qualified individuals.

Compulsory government education can be understood as fascism when it prohibits school choice.

Oppressive gun-control laws are fascist.

Forcing Christian bakers to provide services against their religious consciences to homosexual couples is blatant fascism as described by Mussolini.

Excessive taxation is fascist.

The provisions of Obamacare that force employers to provide abortion coverage is fascist.

Marriage licenses are a form of fascism.

The efforts of the predatory left to regulate the Internet is fascist.

Conversely, values such as freedom of association, free speech, and states' rights are anti-fascists.

That's not to advocate anarchy. The rule of law is essential for civilization to exist. However, when the government insist that no "human or spiritual values can exist" apart from its meddling, we live in a fascist society.

Mussolini also said, “The truth is that men are tired of liberty.”

He was wrong.

• For the record I am patently and aggressively anti-racist.

Disliking others, let alone hating them, due to unchangeable genetics is both idiotic and immoral.

The most vile form of racism is genocide, an effort to destroy an entire culture or race of humans.

Today white people are undergoing a process of genocide. Western culture is actively and purposefully being displaced. Our efforts to preserve Western civilization are characterized by Marxism as "racist" when, in reality, our efforts are anti-racist.

• For the record I am also anti-supremacist.

Multiculturalism begets supremacy. Forced integration -- a form of fascism -- engenders then enables supremacism. Contrary to fictional portrayals provided by the media, people groups historically have competed for resources resulting in one group becoming dominant or supreme.

Empirical evidence of this reality can be obtained by reading any objective world history text. The history of humanity is a near seamless litany of warfare. It is observable during every era and every geographical location.

Humans are more likely to get along when they get alone. That's why there is virtually no racial strife in Iceland or Cameroon. They are homogeneous societies and, as such, cannot experience racial strife. There is no racial supremacy in Iceland and none in Cameroon.

That's not to say that government is obligated to separate us by race. It is to say that, when left to our own free will, we tend to gravitate towards those most like ourselves. It is also to observe that when government pressures us to cohabitate it is creating an environment in which conflict is inevitable.

• Government force is not required to achieve racial segregation. Anyone who has visited the lunchroom at a racially integrated high school knows that. Rule of law may be required to protect one class of people from the overt crime and violence of another.

Jim Crow laws efficiently assured white people, for example, that they would not be subjected to black crime and violence. Some would argue that Jim Crow laws are immoral because they were government enforced. One could also argue that the absence of Jim Crow laws is immoral because the void forces white people to be subjected to black crime and violence.

• Some of us can and do strive to get along with those unlike ourselves. We appreciate other cultures and find no fault in seeking to preserve them. We believe that every human owes every other human a debt of dignity by virtue of their humanity.

There are those who extend their debt of dignity to a point of denial. They succumb to pathological altruism whereby they sacrifice themselves to accommodate others. Such noble self-sacrifice seems honorable until one considers that, once one is sacrificed, he can no longer help others.

Western culture is committing suicide by genocide. We are allowing the philosophical Marxism that controls both our government and media to impose fascism upon us and, all the while, convincing us that our suicide by genocide is a moral equivalence.

It is not.

Once Western culture has been displaced, there will literally be no one left who can turn the lights on, keep the power grids operating, feed billions through innovation, provide healthcare, defeat deadly viruses such as Ebola, and provide the infrastructure required to enhance the quality of life for all humanity.

• It should be noted that the end game of cultural and economic Marxism is not life quality but human equality. It matters not to Marxism if that equality can only be achieved through a universal paleolithic existence that is being imposed upon us by fascist governments.

Contrary to the propagation provided by cultural Marxism, the end game of multiculturalism is to destroy Western culture.

It is succeeding.

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