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March 22, 2015 -- Below is a list of hate crimes during March, 2015 the mainstream Media doesn't want you to know about.

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*Indicates crime may not have been black-on-white

Date    Alleged Crime    Alleged Victim    Image
2015-03-19 Kidnapped from bus, forced to commit vile crimes Two unnamed teens (UK)
2015-03-19 Shot dead while walking dog by young teens James Stuhlman, 51
2015-03-19 Baby cut from womb Michelle Wilkins, 26
2015-03-18 Robbed at home by caregiver Evelyn Nicholson, 85 (UK)
2015-03-18 Stabbed to death for spilling coffee Antonio Muralle, 52*
2015-03-18 Assault attempted robbery Doug Jandebeur, 84
2051-03-18 Kidnapped, murdered, dumped in trash bin Eliza Delacruz, 3wks*
2015-03-17 Stabbed to death during home invasion Jakes van Deventer, 35 (SA)
2015-03-16 Homicide Sharon Moody, 52
2015-03-15 Beaten to death Stephen Dillard, 55
2015-03-15 Shot to death at convenience store Pamela-Ann Kynazher, 19
2015-03-15 Beaten on Indianapolis playground Unnamed boy, 5
2015-03-15 Beaten on Indianapolis playground Unnamed girl, 14
2015-03-14 Shot to death, robbed Chad Kelsey, 32
2015-03-14 Shot to death, robbed Joe Hruska, 33
2015-03-14 Shot dead during home invasion Karter Alderman, 17
2015-03-13 Dragged from bus stop and raped Unnamed woman, 18 (UK)
2015-03-13 Throat slit at random by stranger Unnamed man, 24
2015-03-12 Dragged off bus, beaten, robbed Unnamed man*
2015-03-12 Shot dead in Kroger's parking lot Josh Richey, 38
2015-03-12 Shot dead Casey Lindley, 27
2015-03-12 Shot to death in broad daylight while sitting in car Matthew Hagerty, 24
2015-03-12 Attacked and robbed by three thugs Brittany Leasure, 18
2015-03-10 Beaten by teen mob Nicholas Abrahamsen, 15
2015-03-10 Shot dead in home Jason Stovall, 33
2015-03-10 Stabbed to death by random Jason Pau, 22
2015-03-10 Tortured during home burglary Doulina Slabbert (SA)
2015-03-09 Beaten at Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Unnamed store manager
2015-03-07 Shot dead during home invasion John Lyons, 55
2015-03-06 Stabbed to death while riding bicycle Unnamed boy, 15 (UK)
2015-03-06 Shot during robbery U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg, 55
2015-03-06 Beaten to death Thomas Oakland, 75
2015-03-05 Attacked by migrants on Manchester bus Louise Pare (UK)
2015-03-04 Cab driver murdered James Wells
2015-03-03 Attacked in Wal-Mart parking lot Unnamed woman, 71
2015-03-02 Stabbed to death Christian Wood
2015-03-01 Shot dead during home invasion Eva Carmichael, 94

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