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March 26, 2015 -- Duh.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) is worried about global warming or, as the predatory left prefers to say, "climate change."

Lee isn't worried that the depletion of the ozone will dry up all life forms and turn the planet into a scorcher desert for space-alien archaeologists to dig a billion year from today.

Nope. The representative is wringing her hands because global warming causes women to engage is prostitution or, as the predatory left prefers to say, "transactional sex."

• History has proven that the primary cause of poverty and starvation isn't environmental, but government bureaucracy and corruption.

Free markets have long proven to be the most efficient and effective means of staving off starvation.

They don't appear to be starving. 
For example, take a look at the four females -- two mothers and their daughters -- who were arrested for brawling in a high school this week. Note they don't seem to be lacking for food, or as the predatory left prefers to say, "caloric challenged."

We currently live at the apex of human prosperity. The predatory left doesn't want us to have quality lifestyles. Rather, it wants us to have equality lifestyles. Economic Marxism, in a nut shell, is a model in which all have the same stuff. The exceptions are Marxist nations such as North Korea, where there is only one fat man in the entire nation and he runs the country; Cuba, where one-man, one-vote means Fidel Castro is the one man who gets to vote; and Venezuela, where corruption keeps wealth in the pockets of an egalitarian elite.

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  1. Guess who makes the claim every day that 'jim crow' laws were designed to keep whites from black violence? Some guy born and raised in the North after such laws were repealed and who claims to be a 'race realist'.

  2. Barbra Lee has been smoking too much stupid weed lately its cuased her brain to shrink even more which is common amognist liberals

  3. global whoreing is factual not global warming, predatory nwords are the most serious problem.