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March 30, 2015 -- Only 32 percent of Americans are wringing their hands over global warming, more recently called 'climate change.'

A Gallup poll reveals that Americans are more concerned about clean drinking water than the demise of the polar ice caps and polar bears.

Coincidentally, another Gallup poll reveals that 31 percent of Americans self identify as Democrats.

When scientific models projected a slight increase in the earth's temperature, leftist loons exploited the data to convince the naive among us that free-market capitalism was destroying the environment and had to be scaled back.

The scare tactic may have worked had the model been correct. It turns out, however, that after twenty years of fear mongering, the ice caps are still intact and even growing.

• The poll confirms our long-held assertion that the human mind can be deprogrammed using an anti-virus software called 'reality.'

That tidbit of wisdom was made known 3,000 years ago when Israel's King Solomon noted, The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him [Proverbs 18:17].

• It also explains why the predatory left insists on controlling the flow of information: Cultural Marxism relies on creating false realities -- such as global warming and white privilege -- because it's founded on a faulty premise.

Leftism prefers volume, sarcasm, and emotion to block out the light of reason. To that end we don't predict the earth's atmosphere will heat up. We do, however, predict the federal government will attempt to censor the Internet.

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  1. its a myth like acid rain was.

  2. My pastor was preaching on hypocrites this past Sunday and he mentioned the "climate change" scaremongers.