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March 29, 2015 -- A student at the University of Mississippi placed a noose on the statue of James Meredith last year.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice is making a federal case of that harmless prank.

Graeme Phillip Harris faces charges of using a threat of force to intimidate African-American students and conspiracy to violate civil rights.

Meredith, now 81, was the first black student to enroll at UM.

• In 2011 a statue of George Washington was disgraced when it was covered with a shroud during a nearby NAACP rally [source]. To our knowledge, no one was prosecuted for hurting the feelings of those who honor and respect the Father of America.

• Cultural Marxism is displacing cultural icons, such as the Confederate flag, with revisionist icons, such as statues of prominent civil rights activists. The predatory left is literally changing our minds and distorting our perception of our cultural identity.

A statue of George Washington was disgraced during
a NAACP rally in 2011. The U.S. Dept. of Justice
filed no charges. 
Harris is being both persecuted and prosecuted even though his prank harmed no one. It was merely an expression that some found offensive. It may seem absurd that hurt feelings of a protected, privileged class is sufficient grounds for the U.S. Dept. of Justice to prosecute, but we are observing that travesty at this very moment.

We no longer allowed to honor our nation's founders, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Betsy Ross. Rater, we are forced to honor icons such as Martin Lutheran King, James Meredith, and Rosa Parks.

• Civil rights laws are the Trojan Horse that allows discrimination against whites.

Also being displaced is our moral value of free speech. The founders of our nation considered free expression to be a sacred trust, regardless of how offensive that expression may be. When a class of people -- such as blacks -- are privileged with protected status, words or actions that offend them may result in federal prosecution.

The predatory left wants to control what we think by controlling what we see and hear.

Web sites such as will eventually be considered "offensive." Their publishers will face federal prosecution for expressing their views.

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  1. If a person of color had placed this noose the 'reactionary right' Would have said this was a big deal and in a sense it is a big deal. The purpose of these incidents is to arouse racial hatred of Whites. You can bet, hoax or not, (even if that is the evil purpose of those doing these things) that is exactly what the result will be in either case; it will be used to arouse racial hatred or 'awareness' against Whites.

    "The predatory left wants to control what we think by controlling what we see and hear".

    That is so pre-1960's. That is not the full story at all. What they control is our feelings. Depending upon who we are, what they are after is the control of our feelings. Depending upon who we are they will continually punish our feelings in order that we do not have feelings at all. Apparently this is where it all starts, feelings, and these must be punished.

    1. Ultimately what they're trying to control is our minds and our thoughts.

  2. they are evil anyways, a negro burns down a city and nothing yes i'am a indiana bigot we all are according to the puffington post.

  3. Louis Farrakhan calls for the murder of ALL Whites including babies and NOTHING is done about it.It's time to take care of this ourselves.