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March 27, 2015 -- Welcome to the Ithaca College witch hunt.

The student government at Ithaca College has proposed a policy that would provide unprivileged students an online resource to report microaggressions committed by privileged students.

Let's translate.

The proposal would allow non-white students to complain about imaginary racism committed by white students.

It's classic cultural Marxism.

The proletariat (non-whites) are encouraged to "see" a pattern of oppression committed by the bourgeois (whites) even though none exists.

While the proposal is not binding, it does create at atmosphere of animus, distrust, and hatred for white people. It is patently racist.

• Note that cultural Marxism clearly defines privileged and unprivileged. There is no "sorta privileged" or "just a little unprivileged." Those delineations are based on racial absolutes. That is, East Asians can never be considered privileged, even if the household income is substantially higher than the medium income of white households. Likewise, white American living in Appalachian poverty can never be considered "unprivileged".

The same is true when the cultural Marxist paradigm is drawn along gender lines. Only heterosexual males are considered privileged, all others are considered unprivileged, including Oprah.

• Civil rights laws, affirmative action, integration, hiring quotas, et al have depleted cultural Marxism's classic excuses to stigmatize white people as racists. It must now create white racism out of thin air, ignore the epidemic of black-on-black and black-on-white violence, and simultaneously convince us that non-whites are the perennial victims of white racism.

Incredibly, cultural Marxism is succeeding.

• Had the Internet existed in the 17th century, residents in Salem Village, Mass. could have used a similar program to report instances of witchcraft and the witches who practiced it.

It is the same psychological phenomenon. A false narrative is created in our minds -- be it witchcraft or white privilege -- and we accept that narrative as reality.

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  1. Tell those colllage adminastrators and busibodies to GO POUND SAND