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March 29, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- What's all this talk about 'white privilege'?

Apparently it's the predatory left's attempt to excuse racial discrimination ... against white people.

A case in point is alcohol ban at NCSU fraternities. The prohibition of booze at parties extends to all frat houses.

There are exceptions. Historically black fraternities at North Carolina State University are exempt.

It's cultural Marxism on a collegiate level. White frat members comprise the bourgeois. They are the privileged white class. Black frat members comprise the proletariat. They are the underprivileged black class.

To achieve social justice -- from the Marxist perspective -- the privileged white bourgeois must lose its privileges and the underprivileged black proletariat must be given special privileged status.

The next thing you know the predatory left will allow "safe spaces" for oppressed non-whites students where they may escape undetectable white microaggressions. Then they will be demanding reparations for slavery, even though thousands of free black Americans owned slave labor themselves. And then -- gasp! -- they may even run a black man for President of the United States.

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  1. i wish there was a thing called white privilege, its a myth like global warming. and hands up.

  2. Maybe there is a method to their madness.We just had a "100 miler" ( someone who follows Spring break within a 100 or so miles distance from their home) Shoot seven Black collage students at a house party on the beach.Three of them are in critical condition.I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he wasn't even invited to the party.


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