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March 30, 2015 -- Annihilation and extinction are the terms Dr. Bill Warner uses in lieu of genocide as he explains the agenda of Islam.

All non-believers are kafir regardless of religion. That is, Islam is intent on "taking all of them down."

We need to make a distinction between friends and allies, Warner explains.

While Catholics and Presbyterians may not get along, both are scheduled for annihilation by Islam. The same is true for atheists and Baptists. We need to work together as allies even though we may not be friends.

Warner says:

When faced with death we need to look at our politics. Extinction of our civilization is a death so we need to look at the politics of extinction. In a war you don’t need friends, you need allies. This distinction is important, because you have to like a friend, but you don’t need to like an ally. Under the threat of annihilation we need to see that we that all Kafirs are in the same boat. All of those threatened with extinction are Kafirs. Politics makes strange bedfellows, so atheist, Protestant, Buddhist and every other flavor of Kafir must work together to survive.
As  noted in an earlier post, Islam currently has twenty no-go-zone training camps in the United States.

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  1. Dr. Bill Warner has a whole series of videos expressing his views on Islam and they're very good. Check them out on You Tube.

  2. Dr. Warner's web site: Here is his You Tube channel: